Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Vacation Rental During the Off-Peak Season

As a vacation renter, the last thing you want is to have pests on your property. Whether they are roaches, rodents or termites, pests can destroy your property and ruin your guests' experiences. Most people tend to neglect their vacation rentals during the off-peak season, and this is the time when most pests weasel their way into the premises and resurface during the peak season. Avoid these kinds of incidences by following these practical pest control tips:

Fortify Your Rental Property 

The most effective way to keep your property pest-free is to make it a fortress — impenetrable by the pesky creatures. Roaches, termites, rats, mice and other common pests find their way into properties through cracks, unsealed doors and windows and open entryways. During the off-peak season, ensure you don't leave any openings for the creatures to use as access points. Seal all your doors and windows, including the garage door. Make sure the dryer, chimney and stove vents, attic and all crawl spaces are sealed and impenetrable. Check all thresholds and ensure they don't leave gaps that will let in the pests.

Fumigate the Property

If you already have pests on the property, sealing it will only keep them in and allow them to reproduce. You can eliminate pests such as roaches, termites and bedbugs by fumigating the property. Fumigation is both efficient and time-saving. It eliminates pests at all life stages, breaking the cycle of infestation. Additionally, the chemicals used can penetrate nooks and crannies that other techniques wouldn't. Therefore, before closing down your property for the off-peak season, contact a pest control company for professional fumigation services.

Get Rid of Food Waste and Leftovers

Pests such as cockroaches and rodents rely on food waste, spills and leftovers to survive. If you have food crumbs lying around from the last guests, you will undoubtedly attract the creatures into your home. Therefore, ensure they have nothing to feed on. Get rid of all food waste ad leftovers. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and counters to get rid of food crumbs. Clean the floors as well. With nothing to feed on, these creatures will stay away from your property.

Give the Vacation Rental a Thorough Clean

Most pests such as termites, roaches and rodents thrive in dirty, high-moisture environments. Failure to clean your vacation rental is a sure way of attracting a pest infestation. Therefore, give the home a thorough cleaning, taking care to vacuum all the floors, rugs and carpets properly. Drain all moisture and air the rooms so they can dry properly. Fix any water leaks that may create moisture sources and attract pests. Finally, trim the landscaping around your house to eliminate hiding spots for pests.

Keeping your vacation rental pest-free is essential to attracting guests during the next peak season. Talk to a pest control company for professional extermination services.