What Are the Best Rat Control Measure to Take in Your Home?

If you live in an area with a history of rat infestations, then it is best to contact a professional pest control expert if you notice them around your property. A single sighting — or just spotting their droppings around the place — could indicate a much wider issue which may soon get out of control. That said, rats do turn up in smaller numbers here and there, especially in urban settings. If you live in such a location and there have been no known infestations in your neighbourhood before, then there are some rat control measures you can take yourself. Of course, it may still be worth consulting a professional anyway so you can optimise the outcome of all of the rat control measures you take. What should you do?

Remove Nourishment

Rats will only be hanging about on your property because they can gain access to food and water there. So, the first thing to do is to deny them access to it. Place pet food into sealed containers and take away any bird feeders you might have in the garden. Ensure that your waste bin is fully secured so that rats cannot gain entry to it. Likewise, cover over your home's water butt so that they cannot get an easy drink. Drain your pond if you have one and, above all, make sure that access to the food in your kitchen is denied.

Set Traps

Using traps as a rat control measure is a tried and tested method that you will need to turn to if you continue to detect them after removing sources of food and water. Some people understandably do not want to go down this route so, again, it is often better to leave it to a pest control company if you feel squeamish. Most pest controllers recommend snap traps with a little tempting food on them. Make sure these are in locations that visitors, children and pets will not be able to get to because they can cause nasty injuries. Poison traps are only good in places where the trap can be retrieved easily since dead rats inside will soon start to decompose and create a foul odour.

Get Rid of Habitat

Rats like lots of cover, so if you remove their favoured habitat, it will mean they are less inclined to stay living close to your home. This means stacking piles of firewood such that they are raised well off the ground, for example. Trim back shrubs and bushes since these are places where they might hide easily. Cut back any plants that are growing up your home, your fences and any outbuildings you might have, too. Overall, you want to maximise the amount of sunlight you have in your property to make it less attractive to these creatures.

To learn more, contact a rat control service today.