5 Anti-Termite Steps to Take Before You Begin Home Renovations

If you are about to start renovations on your home, then be mindful of termites. Termites are always a risk in Australia. But during renovations or construction, the risk of termite invasion increases.

Don't let termites put a damper on your home renovations. Take the following actions before you begin to renovate to ensure that termites don't interfere with your plans.

1. Have a pest controller inspect your property

Before renovations are complete, a property is open to the world. And if termites have a colony in the vicinity, this is bad news. This is especially true if your renovations extend to the soil level, where subterranean termites come from. Before you start extensive renovations, hire a pest controller to check the area for termites.

2. Exterminate existing termite colonies in the area

Termite queens can live for as long as 20 years. So, if there is a termite colony on your property, you'll need to eradicate it before that colony branches out to attack your home. And renovations are prime time for termite invasion. If you know of a termite colony near or on your property, hire a company that provides termite extermination services to remove the colony before you begin renovations.

3. Consider adding a termite barrier to the soil around your home

Adding a termite barrier to the soil around your home before you begin renovations will help to stop termites from attacking your home during renovations. Renovations leave your home more open than usual, and if there is an abundance of woody materials on site, termites could take an interest. A chemical barrier will help to keep them at bay.

4. Use non-wood materials as much as possible

Wherever you can, substitute woody materials for non-wood materials. The more wood you use, the more likely it is that nearby termites could invade during renovations. And your woody materials could lead to problems in the future too, especially if those wooden materials are in contact with the soil.

5. Check all wooden materials for termites

Sometimes, builders use wooden materials that termites have already infested. These termites won't be of the subterranean kind since subterranean termites can't survive without their colony. If your building materials contain termites, they will be of the drywood variety, which can still do costly damage to your home. Check all woody materials for termites before you begin renovations.

Are you about to renovate your home? Then be sure to follow take these steps before you begin to keep termites away from your home.