Keeping Domestic Termites At Bay: Prevent, Inspect & Control

There are hundreds of termite species in Australia, and many are active all year round. They can pose significant problems for homeowners, particularly if they get into the foundations of a wood-frame house. The good news is that termite problems are treatable, and with a proper termite management strategy you'll be able to keep them at bay. 

Prevention is better than cure

Termites won't damage your home if they don't get into it in the first place! There are several pre-emptive strikes that a pest control company can help you implement on and around your property, and they're well worth looking into--particularly if you know anyone nearby who has had termite issues with their home recently.

Perhaps the most versatile and effective of these is a termite bait station. These can be hung on walls, buries in the ground or placed in strategic corners. Should termites show up near your house, they'll be drawn to the bait--keeping them away from your home and your property. Most bait stations additionally function as traps, killing the termites they attract. Their primary use is as a preventative measure, but they're also a good choice if you discover a termite nest near your home: they'll draw the insects out little by little, and over time the nest will break down without further intervention on your part.

Your other main weapon here is good ventilation and adequate sealing. Termites thrive in the damp, so keeping your home as well dried out as possible is an ideal line of defence.

Stay informed and keep an eye out

Take some time to learn the warning signs of a domestic termite infestation, and check for them on a regular (at least annual) basis. The most obvious of these are the mud tubes--distinctive, delicate cylindrical structures, often brownish in colour, attached to a wall or hanging down from a beam. You should also try the thumb test: simply press the pad of your thumb firmly into a wooden surface. If there's too much 'give' to it, there's a good chance you've got a problem. 

If you have concerns, you can arrange for a local pest control company to come and perform a termite inspection around your property. This is a particularly good idea if your home has stood empty for a while, or if you're preparing to sell up or rent it out.

Deal with potential issues before they take hold

If you do develop a termite problem, don't let it build up. These pernicious insects won't go away on their own--so book a visit from a termite specialist as soon as you come across them.