Does One Dead Cockroach Mean You Have an Infestation?

Have you discovered a dead cockroach in your house somewhere? Then, naturally, you'll now question whether you have an infestation in the house somewhere. Since cockroaches are social creatures that live in groups, one dead cockroach might mean that you have a cockroach colony. 

But before you panic, check your home for signs. 

Cockroaches Congregate Near Food and Water

Cockroaches always congregate where the food and water is. As such, begin your search in an area, such as your kitchen, where food and water are plentiful. Since cockroaches like tight spaces, look for them in any cracks or crevices that you might find in your kitchen. One common area that they like to hide is under the sink, where they can get to moisture easily. 

And because cockroaches prefer darkness over light, take a torch with you on your search. Check the undersides of tables, stools, chairs and cupboards as cockroaches hide in the shadows. As you search, look for areas that are covered with tiny black debris that resembles bits of black pepper. These are cockroach droppings, and you usually find them underneath appliances, such as coffee machines. 

Cockroaches Lay Their Eggs in Humid Areas

The last thing you want to find in your home is a pregnant female cockroach or an empty egg case. One female can add 40 new babies to a colony. As you search, check the most humid areas for signs of empty cockroach egg cases. The egg cases look like tiny brown purses, and females will lay them in concealed places like in egg cartons and under appliances. 

If you find one of these egg cases, you may have an early cockroach infestation. 

Cockroaches Come Out at Night 

If you can't find any living cockroaches during your daytime searches, then you need to wait until night before searching again. Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to come out under cover of darkness to feed. This is the best time to find out if you have a cockroach infestation in your home. 

The simplest way to find out if you have a cockroach infestation in your kitchen, for instance, is to leave a piece of bread somewhere you can easily see it after you switch on the lights. Cockroaches like to eat foods that are rich in starch, like bread. Leave the bread out, then later when it gets dark, quietly go into your kitchen and switch on the light. If you see cockroaches gathered on the bread, you have an infestation. Try this test several times. 

Have you discovered a cockroach infestation in your home? Then you need the skills of an exterminator. Call a residential pest control service immediately to get rid of your roaches before they can breed out of control.