5 Smells That Could Attract Cockroaches to Your Home

If just one female German cockroach carrying an egg case wanders into your home, you could have a colony in just a few weeks. And since German cockroaches are extremely difficult to eradicate once settled in, this is a nightmare scenario. That's why it is important that you avoid doing things that might attract cockroaches to your property.

One thing that can bring cockroaches to your home is scents. Cockroaches can eat just about anything organic. But they do have foods that they favour. If you have noticed cockroaches in or near your home, then make sure you aren't attracting them with the following smells.

1. Exposed Garbage

If you don't cover your garbage, and you keep your garbage container in or near your home, you will attract cockroaches. Since cockroaches eat just about anything, even items like empty food wrappers and takeaway boxes will bring them to your property in droves. Remember to cover your garbage to prevent the smell from attracting cockroaches.

2. Rotting Vegetables

Rotting vegetables give off a pungent smell. This smell might be unpleasant to you, but to cockroaches, it is a dinner bell. They especially love rotting potatoes, which are rich in starch, a compound that cockroaches love. Seal vegetable scraps in bags or containers before you throw them out.

3. Open Cooking Oil

Cockroaches even eat fat. And cooking oil is a pure and easy source of fat for a wandering cockroach. Not only that, but cooking oil also gives off a distinct smell. If you have a habit of leaving dishes or pans out with cooking oil in them after cooking a meal, cockroaches could soon come calling. Wash anything that has traces of grease or oil on it immediately after using.

4. Spilled Meat

Meat is a rich source of fats and nutrients for cockroaches, and it's a food that cockroaches enjoy eating. This is especially true once that meat starts to rot. Clean up after yourself thoroughly when preparing dishes with meat.

5. Sugary Drink Containers

Cockroaches also love sugar. This means that if you leave empty cans of juice or soft drink in an open garbage bin, cockroaches could soon come searching for the source of the rich smell. Keep sugary drink containers in a sealed garbage bin or bag them before putting them in the bin.

If you haven't done something to remove smells like these from your home and the surrounding area, you should. Otherwise, your home could become a beacon to cockroaches.  

To learn more prevention techniques, contact a pest control service near you.