Tips of Getting Rid of Rats From Your Property

If you have a rat infestation, then it is highly recommended that you seek expert advice. You will probably need a rat control professional to get rid of a full infestation since even if you are successful in killing some of them, they breed so quickly that their numbers can soon get out of control. However, if you have just spotted a couple of mice around your home or business premises, then there is still time to do something about them. What can you do to implement some successful rat control measures? Read on to find out.

Seal Your Property Up

Firstly, rats will try to get inside your property if they can. They do so for the same reason people want to be inside. They will feel warmer, more secure and have easier access to food. Therefore, it is a good idea to look all around your building to see where it might be possible for a rat to get in and out. One of the simplest rat control measures involves simply boarding up potential routes into your property from outside.

Remove Cover

In your garden or yard, there will probably be things that are attracting rats. Commonly, this will be piles of firewood or planting that means rats can move around undetected. They are much less confident moving around on pen ground where things that might hunt them will have a much better chance of seeing them. If you want to discourage rats, then you will need to make their local environment less appealing. So, you should remove anything that is providing cover. Don't allow shrubs to grow too close to one another and move plants away from your building entirely. Bear in mind that rats tend to steer clear of mint, so growing that close to your building isn't a bad idea.

Get Rid of Food

Rats are constantly on the hunt for sources of food. If you have bins outside, then make sure these are made of metal and that they can be closed properly. Rats will climb inside bins and chew through plastic, so make sure you have anything that could sustain them removed regularly or placed inside bins they cannot access. Once you have prepared food in your kitchen, put away all of the ingredients in tins and keep all fresh food in the fridge or cupboards. Another good tip is to vacuum clean more often to get rid of scraps of food. This is a good mouse as well as a rat control measure.