6 Ways That German Cockroaches Get Into a House

Cockroaches are similar to termites. For one, cockroaches help the environment by helping to clear away dead plant material. For another, cockroaches will enter a house and nest there if they detect the presence of food, shelter and water. And, much like termites, cockroaches are sneaky little critters. That's why you sometimes don't realize they are in your home until you have an infestation.

Unfortunately, because of their size, German cockroaches can enter a house in numerous ways.

1. Through Drainage Pipes 

Cockroaches go where the waste is. That means you'll find them living in large numbers in the sewer system. From the sewers, they can make their way into your home through the pipes. If they detect the scent of food on your counters or clogged in your pipes, they'll make their way up to your home's pipes from the main sewer system.

2. On Visitors to Your Home

Cockroaches travel in darkness and tend to stay undercover unless frightened into the open. This means they can travel on a person from an infested building on clothing, shoes and bags, and alight in your home.

3. In Sacks or Cartons of Vegetables

German cockroaches love to hang around the vegetable section in supermarkets. They especially love onions and potatoes. If you take home a carton or sack of onions of potatoes, then you might have some unwelcome guests too.

4. In Second Hand Furniture and Appliances

Be careful when purchasing or taking secondhand items like armchairs and coffee machines. German cockroaches will infest these items happily as long as they have enough heat, food and water nearby. If you inherit an infested item, German cockroaches could soon overrun your house.

5. Through Cracks or Holes

German cockroaches only need a tiny hole or crack to enter a building. They can enter through holes that allow pipes to run outside, or even under doors that don't have weather stripping.

6. Via Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is German cockroach-friendly because it offers them many dark crevices to hide in while they enjoy the warmth and darkness. And because the drain pan of a ducted air conditioner provides moisture too, cockroaches have a steady supply of water. And they have food too. This food comes in the form of human skin and pet dander that builds up inside the system.

As you can see, German cockroaches can make their way into your home in many ways. If you are struggling with an infestation that won't go away no matter how many of them you kill, you need professional assistance to eradicate the problem for good. Call a pest control service today, and they'll kill the roaches and advise you on how best to keep them at bay.