5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Annual Termite Inspections for Your Home

One of the best forms of termite control is termite prevention through regular termite inspections. In Australia, termites are rampant all year long because of the favourable weather conditions. This and the fact that termites never sleep means that you can never afford to let your guard down regarding termites.

Having your home inspected annually is a smart investment for various reasons, which this article will cover.

1. Termites are always active in Australia

In places with cold winters, like North America, termites usually slow down for winter because of the drop in temperature. In Australia, winters are mild. This means that termites rarely slow down whatever the season. Termites are almost just as active in winter as they are in summer.

2. Termite inspectors go where you can't

You can inspect your home for termites to a certain extent. But there are areas where you might not be able to, or willing to, go. For instance, a termite inspector will crawl into the subfloor area, the roof void and the darkest corners of your home to check for termites. This is important since termites often go unnoticed because they invade homes in the most discreet locations.  

3. Conditions on your property can change yearly

Conditions on your property will change yearly because of the weather, construction and your own activities around your home and yard. Termites respond to changing conditions, and if you mistakenly create the ideal conditions for termites, such as through a home renovation project, you might not realize it. But a yearly inspection can alert your attention to the fact.

4. Termites inspectors can check your entire property

Termite inspectors don't just check your home. They'll check your entire property. That means they'll examine your trees, shed, garage, garden, fences and any other structures in the vicinity. If your pergola or decking has an early termite infestation, a yearly inspection can catch it before too much damage occurs.

5. Termite inspectors can spot potential problem areas

Termite inspectors don't just look for termites. They look for the risks that could bring termites knocking on your door. If your gutters are blocked, for instance, a termite inspector may notice this and recommend that you fix them since blocked gutters are a common cause of termite infestation.

Although yearly termite inspections may cost you a little bit out of pocket, they are worth the cost. The alternative is the possibility that you may fork out thousands of dollars to repair your home because you spotted a termite infestation too late. Contact a termite control company today to learn more.